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Snickerdoodle Hot Cross Buns


I thought I’d give the photosets a break considering I haven’t baked anything since I got back from the Philippines. Not only baking, but I finally got back to writing as well for Sydney Food Lovers. It feels good to write and bake. And look up recipes. And adapt recipes. Yep, I have definitely missed it. 

I’m not usually one to bake during the Easter period, mainly because for me, Easter is not about bunnies or chocolate. But considering I haven’t baked anything for a while, I thought I might try my hand at a batch of Hot Cross Buns seeing as they’re everywhere right now.

If you can guess from the name of these Hot Cross Buns, you’ll know that these sweet bread rolls are packed with loads of cinnamon and sugar. I thought the concept of ‘Snickerdoodle’ would be a funny and interesting name to call these Hot Cross Buns, but I could’ve easily gone traditional and referred to them as Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns. Perhaps, you could argue it’s similar to Monkey Bread. Unfortunately, I’m lacking a bit of creativity at the moment so ‘Snickerdoodle’ is about as creative as I could get with naming these buns. 


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Casual Dining & Restaurant Adventure in the Philippines, Part Two: Dessert.

I’m not exactly sure what happened on Tumblr over the past week, but I had a few misadventures. One major issue was having to completely change the theme of my blog due to ‘suspicious code’ in the theme’s html. Anyway, the layout I have right now is temporary until I can find one that looks like the layout I had before. 

This photoset is a continuation of last week’s set where I put together a few dining places I visited over my time in the Philippines. Where there is savoury food, there will always be dessert (at least for me), and so with the amount of food pictures (and dessert pictures) I took, it was necessary to separate this photoset into two parts. Actually, this will extend to three parts because I just realised I didn’t have enough space to add all the Halo Halo pictures I took. 

This particular photoset doesn’t showcase some of the traditional Filipino desserts or sweets you might find if you visit the Philippines (I will be featuring those in later posts). Rather, I wanted to try desserts from places we didn’t have in Sydney, whether the dessert may be traditional or westernised. 

In order from top left to bottom right, we have:

  • Red Ribbon Ube Macapuno Cake Roll Half - ‘Ube’ means ‘purple yam’ and ‘macapuno’ is young coconut. I love the extra ube crumbing on the outside. Very delicious, soft purple sponge cake. 
  • Red Ribbon Triple Chocolate Cake Roll Half - Also a sponge cake, except the chocolate flavour made the cake dense and moist, yet not too rich or sweet. Definitely good for any chocolate lover.
  • Red Ribbon Chocolate Mousse Cake - It’s my mum’s favourite, and now, probably my favourite mousse cake as well. Brownie base, thick chocolate mousse centre and topped off with some delicious cream and chocolate chips.
  • Yamato Bakery Cafe Strawberry and Vanilla Croissant Doughnuts - Yes, a.k.a. Cronuts. I wish I could say how these tasted, but unfortunately I made the mistake of saving them and bringing them back to Sydney (*squish*). My family in the Philippines however, say these are really, really good cronuts. Made fresh and filled with delicious custard.
  • J.CO Assorted Donuts - These donuts are incredibly light, not dense or bread-like in texture. I tried the White Chocolate and Almond Donut and all I can say is, YUM. I wish they would open up in Sydney. 
  • Icebergs Classic Banana Split - Can’t go wrong with banana split, especially when served with scoops of strawberry and mango ice cream, whipped cream and finished with a cherry on top.
  • Pancake House Caramel Banana Walnut Pancakes - This three piece serve has fluffy pancakes, topped off banana slices, walnuts and a drizzle of caramel syrup. Kind of reminds me of Pancakes on the Rocks.
  • Pancake House Blueberry Pancakes - Fresh blueberries inside the pancakes. Extra blueberry is from the syrup. 
  • BonChon Chicken Mango Sans Rival Ko-Yo - Classic froyo combined with the familiar textures of Sans Rival, such as cashews and crunchy biscuit crumbs. The mango adds a little extra flavour and sweetness. 

Part three will be coming soon: Drinks, especially Halo Halo

(Source: katcakes)

Casual Dining & Restaurant Adventure in the Philippines, Part One: Savoury.

Firstly, to update everyone, I’m finally back home in good ol’ Sydney. It was an amazing two weeks spent with my immediate and extended family, and truly a blessing to be able to experience and see the culture and life of the Philippines. In addition to visiting tourist attractions, I did also check out some popular eateries in the Philippines that we do not have in Australia. And those my mum and uncle have not had since they last visited the country.

My last photoset showcased some of Baguio city’s food attractions. This photoset is just one set out of many yet to come which showcase some of the dining and restaurant dishes I sampled. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my DSLR around with me all the time (that thing is heavy), so while it may look like I only visited a few places, I actually ate out a lot more. 

One thing that many people will notice about the eateries in the Philippines is that they love their fried chicken with rice. Rice is obviously a staple in the country, and it’s almost impossible to eat a dish without a good serving of rice. While many of us regard fried chicken as finger food that can be eaten by itself, we Filipinos love it with a serving of steamed rice and a dollop of gravy. Even McDonalds has fried chicken and rice, although I avoided McDonalds over the two weeks in order to sample the Filipino eateries.

So from left to right, top to bottom, we have:

  • Jollibee’s Chicken Joy with Spaghetti - super sweet spaghetti with hot dog pieces and a crunchy, golden piece of chicken on the side. Oh yes, and the gravy! 
  • Jollibee’s Chicken Joy with Rice - the rice wrapped up like a burger is adorable. 
  • Chef Laudico Guevarra’s Restaurant - this buffet restaurant has a beautiful setting, and the food scattered along the bench top is full of popular Filipino dishes. I highly recommend visiting if you want to sample a range of Filipino dishes in one hit. This is where I went for my 21st birthday and I left with a satisfying food coma. Yum!
  • BonChon Chicken - the restaurant originated in Korea but made it’s way across many areas of the Philippines. The fried chicken here is also very crispy and flavoursome due to the glaze that is drizzled over the top. 
  • Shakey’s Pizza Potato Mojos - I love potatoes. Therefore, I love these. 
  • More of Chef Laudico Guevarra’s Restaurant - WITNESS THE LECHON BEING CARVED (I didn’t get a photo though).
  • Shakey’s Pizza, Four Flavours - An 18-inch pizza topped with four popular flavours. Ideal for a large group of people.
  • Iceberg’s Nachos - tasty and great for sharing. Not sure what the purple chips are, so if anyone knows, please let me know. I had a very non-Filipino moment where I asked, “is this ube?” 

Stay tuned for Part Two - desserts and all things sweet! 

(Source: katcakes)