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It is nearing winter here in Sydney and at times like these I am always on the lookout for ‘straight-out-of-the-pan-or-oven’ desserts drizzled with warm, home-style sauce. Desserts where I am pouring a thick, sweet chocolate sauce over a stack of hot pancakes served with a scoop of ice cream are something I definitely look forward to when the weather gets chilly.

Jas My Waffles is one of those small cafes that have exactly that. It’s a typical pancake, crepe and waffle cafe that creates both savoury breakfast meals with hot dogs and eggs, as well as sweet desserts with seasonal fruit, ice cream and yes, you guessed it, warm chocolate sauce. Have a cup of coffee on the side, and you’re all set for the coming season. Dessert places such as these are the reason I now eat pancakes and the like at any time of the day. After all, why just limit them to breakfast? 

Jas My Waffles is well known for, of course, waffles. Being in the mood for dessert, my friends and I agreed on ordering the dessert waffles and crepes. Unfortunately the cafe was out of strawberries, which only left one other option for both the crepe and waffle. Nevertheless, the two desserts looked and tasted amazing, satisfying my cravings for ‘winter desserts’. 

The desserts are not only reasonably priced, but the servings are of reasonable size. Waffles come in mini (1/4 waffle), single (1/2 waffle) or full serve (whole waffle) with scoops of ice cream, your choice of sauce and toppings. It is enough for one ‘dessert-aholic’ as well as enough to share between two for those not so fond of their sweet tooth. Between myself and my two friends, two desserts seemed enough for us on this afternoon. 

Dessert number one, the Wild About Nuts Waffle. If the picture doesn’t say it, this $8.95 single serve waffle includes:

1/2 waffle, 1 scoop of ice cream, your choice of sauce and topped with mixed raw nuts. 

The nuts that were sprinkled were pistachios, almonds and I think there were also walnuts. We decided to go with the nutty flow and top off our waffle with a macadamia ice cream and a chocolate sauce (because Kat is a chocoholic, and we can’t go to a dessert place unless there is some form of chocolate!)

I loved this particular dessert because it was easy to consume without worrying about over-the-top sweetness. The waffles and nuts, because they weren’t covered or sprinkled with sugar, made a wonderful pair with the sauce and ice cream. Roasted nuts might also be a nice addition instead of the raw nuts to keep the dessert on the warm side (since the sauce and waffles were warm when we received them). But raw or roasted, this dessert still wins my tastebuds.

Dessert number two, Banana and Caramel Crepe ($9.95): 

Filled with caramel fudge, sliced bananas and topped with a scoop of ice cream.

I don’t often eat crepes; I usually eat pancakes as they’re more filling and heavy. But the great thing about crepes is that it encases the main features of the dessert, which in this instance is the banana and caramel. Because crepes are thin, filling them is easier and (sometimes) neater and more appealing than stacking, and also gives a sense of mystery with what is inside them. Here, our crepe wrapped up slices of warm banana and caramel sauce, then an extra drizzling of caramel sauce (because you can never have too much).

I did find that this leaned more towards the sweeter side, as caramel tends to be quite sweet, so this dessert would be suitable for someone who loves to please their sweet tooth. The sweetness may also have contributed to topping off our crepes with a scoop of Hokey Pokey ice cream, which for those who do not know, is vanilla ice cream with pieces of honeycomb and ripples of caramel. Nevertheless, I don’t regret our ice cream or dessert choice, and this crepe was just lovely to consume on a slightly cold afternoon. 

Two desserts done with one satisfied dessert blogger.

The cafe is located in western Sydney and is popular for a lot of young teens as it is conveniently placed near the station entrance. Go as a group to eat in, or take away a couple of sweet waffles. Breakfast, afternoon tea or even a sweet dinner, take the time to visit this place that is famous for their ‘hot dog waffles on a stick’. That’s right, like a ‘Pluto Pup’, except it’s a waffle! But I’ll leave that for another post. 

Jas My Waffles

Shop 6
Rooty Hill Road North
Rooty Hill
NSW, 2766

Visit the website at: http://jasmywaffles.com.au/ 

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