Adora Handmade Chocolate Cafe, Parramatta

It’s been a mission trying to find this cafe ever since I saw at post on Susan’s blog when she visited it back in January (check out her blog- ChocolateSuze- it’s really amazing!). It’s June now, but alas, I found it. I remember seeing and salivating over Adora Chocolate back when I went to Masterchef Live, and so when I found out there was a cafe nearby, I knew I had to check it out.

Walking inside the cafe, I was determined to walk out of there with a box of chocolates in my hand. I have never really purchased chocolate truffles before, but since the semester was over and with my blog’s birthday creeping up soon, I knew it was the right time for some chocolate indulgence. 

But first, here’s a tour around the cafe and the chocolate deliciousness you’ll expect to find.

Truffles! There are so many choose from, and all are unique in flavour. There’s nutty truffles, chocolatey truffles, fruity and a mix of all. Truffles are roughly $1.50 each, but they are calculated by weight. It’s roughly $9 for 100g, which might give you around 7-8 truffles. Some truffles are bigger and weigh more than others, which is why it’s calculated this way.


It’s the main feature of this cafe. As customers walk in, they’re immediately drawn to the windows of chocolate truffles. It’s a chocoholic’s dream really, to be surrounded by the amount of chocolate they have displayed. 

I think all in all, Adora sells about 40 or more different types of chocolate and chocolate truffles. I wonder how much it would cost to buy one of each flavour? 

As well as truffles, Adora sell’s different cakes that you can eat in when you’re sitting inside, sipping on a cup of coffee. They have tarts, muffins and slices of individuals cakes, items of baked goods that you’d expect at a cafe and happily consume on a cold winter’s day. Most range from around $4-$4.50. 

Need to gift someone? Give them a chocolate Lollipop! These boxes here are where the beautiful truffles sit, ready to give to a special chocoholic friend of yours. Adora also has meringues and biscuits, which you can slightly see at the back of this picture.

The cafe is beautifully arranged with bright lights, tons of chocolate on display, and a few flowers in vases here and there. 

I actually went to the cafe alone (unlike most of my dessert trips where I have friends along with me). Most of my friends are all studying for exams or have exams coming up. Anyway, here’s what I had ordered.

Adora had a special written on a blackboard, where you can purchase ‘coffee and cake for $7’. No, I didn’t get a truffle like Susan did, but a deal like this is still great. I decided to try the Rich Chocolate Mousse with Praline Cream along with a Cappuccino- which was actually my second cup of coffee that day so I was on a huge caffeine high. 

Chocolate mousse is one of my favourite desserts because it’s full of chocolate and there are just different flavours that can go with it. What I loved about this chocolate mousse from Adora was that is was really creamy and dense compared to other mousses. You would think that a dense chocolate mousse would be really rich in chocolate flavour and really sweet, but it wasn’t. Surprisingly, the mousse was still very light in it’s flavour, so I would say it was well balanced. The small size was just right because of the density. I loved the praline cream as well. It was light and had a hint of caramel. I wish there would be little praline bits in the cream, but the nuts made up for it. Originally this mousse would’ve cost $4.50.

Here is a close up of my cappuccino. Frothy, and sprinkled with chocolate flakes. Yum! Most coffees cost $4-$5, so this $7 deal was great!

And here are the lovely little truffles that I purchased. This little box of 8 cost roughly $11, since I got huge and heavy truffles. Nevertheless, they were totally worth it!

I’ve numbered the truffles so you know exactly which truffle I’m talking about! Here’s what I got (descriptions special thanks to the menu card that came with the chocolate!):

1. Coffee- fresh espresso coffee covered with milk choc flakes

2. Gia- soft hazelnut centre with a milk wafer

3. Vanilla Almond- white chocolate with fresh vanilla beans covered with roasted almonds

4. Vanilla Cream- white chocolate with fresh vanilla beans covered with white flakes

5. Honey- honey marzipan coated with cocoa

6. Walnut marzipan- walnut-liquored marzipan with dark chocolate

7. Caramel- burnt caramel in a milk mould

8. Pistachio Splinter- a combination of white chocolate, pistachio, hazelnuts, almond and white chocolate. 

Adora Chocolate will be at the Sydney Good Food and Wine Festival, holding a masterclass on mastering the art of tempering and chocolate truffle making, so check them out!

Adora Handmade Chocolate Cafe

Shop 2, 103 George Street
Cnr Charles and Union Street
NSW 2150 

Visit the website at:

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